Beware of ticket touts or scalpers. If you are not told the face value of the ticket, the location of the seat, and if the view of the stage is restricted in any way do not buy. Never buy from someone in the street, and beware of the proliferation of small outlets in the vicinity of the Leicester Square Half Price Ticket Booth. If you purchase the ticket in person, always make sure you have seen the ticket and the location on a seating plan before paying. It is not illegal to charge a service fee, but it is illegal to remove or change the face value on a ticket. Never pay for a ticket in person and arrange to collect it later from the theatre, unless you receive a printed agency voucher with the price and seat number on it. Tickets purchased from an unauthorised dealer may be forged or stolen, in which case in addition to being overcharged, you will not be allowed into the theatre.

If you feel that you have been misled by an agent please let the Society Of London Theatre know, either by phone 020 7557 6700, fax 020 7557 6788, or writing to 32 Rose Street, London WC2E 9ET.